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It is undeniable that our nutrition has an important influence on our health. It is precisely on these considerations that QF (Quality Food) was born. Founded by a small group of young entrepreneurs from Monaco passionate about food, QF’s main objective is to promote a diet that is as healthy as tasty.

In fact, over the last decades, we have seen a substantial transformation in food choices, mainly due to a change in lifestyle.

In the past, the ingredients used came from local producers, often farmers in the region. It was with these ingredients that simple, fresh and authentic meals were prepared.

With the development of the food industries, the local ingredients have been largely replaced by industrial ingredients. The food industry has been revolutionized. The time available for meal preparation has been reduced and the supply has mainly been directed towards commercial foods.

The QF team is engaged in a meticulous search for ingredients to make people rediscover the true tastes of natural and simple products. QF offers traditional food, produced with ingredients from an extremely short supply chain, authentic and without additives, preservatives, or artificial colouring.

The same attention is given to QF’s organic products. They are produced respecting every aspect of the organic cultures, and not only to satisfy the only aspects that are mandatory to receive the organic certifications.


Passion for Taste

Our great success and source of motivation is to maintain the promises of our philosophy of healthy products, while giving Taste the main role for the pleasure of enjoying a diet that is gratifying to our taste buds.

The challenge that QF wants to reach today is to make it clear that it is not necessary to enrich foods with artificial additives and flavor enhancers if the ingredients used are of very high quality. The taste of the finished product will naturally be better and will give sensations that the consumer cannot find easily.

An immediate proof of the promise of taste is the simple fragrance, which the consumer can find from the first contact with QF products. The more mature consumer will travel in his childhood, while the young consumer will discover flavors he isn’t used to taste.



The organic proposed by QF tries not to become a “substitute” organic farming, that is, to replace pesticides used in conventional farming with authorized products. True organic farming must be cultivated in a context isolated from any conventional production, de- pending on the soil requirements with extensive rotations of crops and while maintaining a sufficient level of biodiversity. Bio in its true sense gives way to uncultivated areas with- out isolating production from the external environment.

It is also essential to follow the seasonality. It is only with these standards that QF selects its organic products.